XM Firmware Updater V5 is here!

Published on February 07, 2019

As MIUI releases are inactive these days because of Chinese new year, it’s a good time to make a new update that was delayed for a long time :D

XM Firmware Updater main script has been updated to V5! Here’s what’s new:

  • Complete re-write from scratch in python 3.
  • Updates are now fetched from MIUI Tracker, there’s no need to re-check.
  • A unified script for normal fw, non-arb and fw-less, stable and weekly.
  • With this update, there’ll be no more commit to each device repo, while releases will be still pushed.
  • Latest firmware info is available as json files.
  • New supported device added: Redmi Note 7.

The firmware changelog feature will be added in a later update. Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to tip us!