MIUI Updates Tracker

A python 3 script that automatically track XM MIUI ROM releases and send messages to telegram and discord channels to notify users!

  • It supports almost all devices.
  • Both Global and China ROMs are being tracked.
  • Script runs automatically every six hours!

The script is available on GitHub, as well as MIUI releases json files, feel free to use it in any other projects!

MIUI official ROMS download links are available on this page.


To follow MIUI Updates you can join Telegram channel or r/Xiaomi Discord Server.

RSS feeds

How to use RSS feeds?

Starting from MIUI Updates Tracker V2.2 script pushes JSON and XML files for each device, in addition to the all-in-one file that was already available.

These files can be used for whatever project, just give the proper credits to XiaomiFirmwareUpdater project.

Files are separated by branch: Stable Recovery - Stable Fastboot - Weekly Recovery - Weekly Fastboot.

RSS files are available here. Just open any xml file in raw view, copy the link, add to your RSS feed and enjoy :D