XM Firmware Updater Changelog 1 - Week 60!

Published on March 22, 2019

Welcome to XM Firmware Updater’s quick post, where we go over changes in the last weeks and announce some updates about next steps.

XM Firmware Updater is entering the 60th week now, thanks for our all supporters.

The major change that happened this week is the announcement about firmware-less packages. I made a poll on our Telegram channel asking if there’s any need to provide firmware-less MIUI packages for devices with ARB because its downloads number is really small and it’s taking much space for nothing. And as numbers say, most of the users 65% said they don’t use it so, I posted this announcement on XDA and removed all firmware-less files from the server:

After providing more than 230 firmware-less packages since last August, I officially announced that XMFirmwareUpdater will no longer provide firmware-less builds for whyred, wayne, nitrogen and sakura. Meanwhile, you can still make your own builds from official MIUI zip files using XM Firmware Creator tool. Check more here.

XM Firmware Updater Changes:

  • Added Mi MIX3 global to weekly devices.
  • Added back Redmi 4 Prime (It was removed by mistake while re-writing in Python).

MIUI Updates Tracker Changes:

  • Added Redmi Note 7 EEA Global
  • Added Redmi Note 7 Beta to fastboot tracker
  • Added Redmi Note 7 Pro China to Stable
  • Update jason_global Stable tracking to 8.1
  • Update nitrogen_global Stable tracking to 9.0
  • Update platina_global Stable tracking to 9.0
  • Update tulip_global Beta tracking to 9.0

Next weeks plan:

  • I’m working on a new side-script which tracking XM devices certification on various sites, check it here.
  • Things to do in the next weeks are: Adding “rolledback updates checking and extracting firmware ver_info.txt (to make kind of changelog) to XFU script.